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Transmission oil Additive for automatic gearbox Atomium AGSB

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  • Transmissionoil additive to restore working characteristics of automaticgearboxes and variators. The compound reducesnoise and vibrations, removes jerks at gear changing, invariators– restores cones surfaces andprevent chain slippage.

    AGSBcompound is compatible with all brands of transmission oil or ATF. Itis chemically neutral and doesn’t change oil properties.

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AGSB compound should be added to transmission oil in a gear box through the standard oil filling hole of the unit.

The following procedure should be followed:

  • Before applying Atomium AGSB - shake the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved. Sediments are actually active component.

  • Warm-up the gear box to the normal working temperature, then shut off the engine,

  • Pour Atomium AGSB through the regular oil filling neck.

  • After applying make a drive on the car during no less than 20 min. in any mode (regular operation)

In case if a replacement of transmission oil is planned – add the compound to the fresh oil.


  • It is not recommended to apply the lubricant at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies;

  • Atomium AGSB is compatible to any type of engine oils and doesn't change their properties;

Precautions: Not harmful if applied correctly.

First aid:

  • In case of a contact with skin remove the material wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap

  • In case of contact with eyes wash out eyes with large amount of water

  • In case of swallowing consult a doctor

There are some questions which are being regularly asked about additives to automatic transmission. Below we will try to answer them shortly.


Short answer – no, tribotechnical compound doesn’t affect clutch pucks. The compound works only on metallic surfaces. Gear clutch is partly made of composite materials. The good news is the compound can’t break clutches in any way. The bad one – it can’t fix them in case if they are worn. If clutches get thinner they can’t be gripped well by the system and it may be a reason of bad work of the whole gearbox. In this case the only way to fix the problem is to change clutches to new ones.


No. Valves often are done of a composition metal like brass. Atomium compound doesn’t work on this material. Also there are no friction. So tribotechnical compound can’t fix a valve, but also can’t disturb it.


No. Particles in the Atomium compound are much less than oil filter cell size. So they are easily passing it and do not block oil flow. Filter may be clogged only by dirt: metallic shavings, products of overheated oil etc.

Automatic transmission includes three different subsystems: mechanical gears,hydraulic and electronic ones. All three should work synchronously toprovide smooth gear changing. Desynchronization may happen if hydraulic system doesn’t provide proper pressure. When a valve is open there is no enough power to grip a clutch pack quick enough.

Usually the cause of problem is the wear of oil pump. Tribotechnical compound AGSB is able to restore worn surfaces. It uses unique property of some natural minerals to create special conditions when a friction surface is able to catch microparticles of metal from thetransmission oil. It gradually creates a kind of protective layer which restores wear and returns original shape to parts of pump andother mechanisms.

Therefore the compound provides following effects:

  • restores transmission fluid pressure in the valve body of the gearbox. It eliminates jerks and delays at gear changing.

  • reduces or completely removes noise (rumbling or hoot) by smoothing engagement of gears;

  • sufficiently reduces vibrations;

  • eliminates energy loss and therefores reduces fuel consumption;

  • prolongs the lifetime of the whole mechanism;


  • restores the original shape of cones which prevents the chain slippage.

  • prolongs the lifetime of the whole mechanism;

Itis important to note that compound AGSB is not an antifriction additive. The protective layer created over friction surfaces is able to hold up a dense transmission fluid film. In variators there are used special kind of CVT fluids with special agents to improve connection between chain and cones. So a denser oil film makes the connection even better.

TheAtomium MGSB compound is compatible with any brand of transmissionoil. It doesn’t interact with oil nor intentionally neitheraccidentally. Thishas beenproved by numerous tests.

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