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Set of 4 cleaning fuel additives Atomium Aprohim™ SGA

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  • Multifunctional fuel additive to gasoline Atomium APROHIM SGA (flushing, lubrication)

    Atomium APROHIM SGA fuel additive gently cleans the fuel equipment, lubricates it, protects it from corrosion, and prevents the formation of deposits. This restores the performance of fuel pumps, injectors or nozzles, protects them from wear, and extends their service life. Complete recovery of the fuel injection equipment leads to reduced fuel consumption, improved dynamics.

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1 50 ml bottle is designed for 40-60 litres of fuel (approximately 1 ml per 1 litre of fuel). Before refuelling the car, fill the additive in the fuel tank.

To do this:

  • shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly;
  • open the bottle and pour the additive into the fuel tank (use the fuel funnel if necessary);
  • fill the car with fuel.

When the car has run more than 50,000 kilometres during the first two refuelling it is recommended to fill 2 bottles of product 50 ml per 40-60 litres of fuel (or at the rate of 2 ml per 1 litre of fuel).

The formula of the fuel additive "SGA" is a proprietary development of the company "SUPROTEC". All additive components are manufactured in Germany and delivered to the Russian Federation under a direct agreement with the manufacturer.

The additive has passed an annual cycle of bench tests and testing on cars of different classes in several regions of Russia using fuel from various filling networks.

The composition of " SGA "is carefully balanced to ensure the safety of its use. Cleaning of fuel equipment is carried out gradually and "gently" due to the use of surfactants, rather than active solvents. The mechanism of action of surfactants guarantees the safety of additives for fuel filters, fuel equipment elements made of plastic and composite materials, and iron-containing materials.

The petrol additive ATOMIUM APROHIM SGA does not contain octane correctors, does not change the temperature or speed of fuel combustion.

Fuel additive ATOMIUM APROHIM SGA can be used with any type of injection systems. Special attention was paid to the effectiveness and safety of the additive in direct fuel injection systems (TFSI, TSI, GDI and other brands), which operate under high pressure in the fuel ramp, and therefore have an increased level of requirements for injector accuracy. Even minor contamination of the nozzle injector leads to a significant imbalance in the operation of electric injectors and injectors using piezoelectric valves, which disrupts the fuel injection mode and ultimately leads to a rapid failure of the injectors (the winding of an electromagnet or piezo crystal).

In external mixing systems (injection and carburetor), the additive remains effective, since the action of cleaning components does not depend on the pressure in the fuel system and the device of aggregates.


SGA fuel additive is recommended to be used primarily for restoring the performance of fuel injectors and injectors. Symptoms of their malfunction due to contamination may include the following signs:

  • Increase fuel consumption by 1 litre or more;

  • Drop in car acceleration dynamics;

  • "Hard" engine operation;

  • Increase fuel consumption;

  • Specific smell of unburned fuel from the muffler;

  • Engine roughness at idle;

  • Black smoke at a sharp speed set;

  • Difficult cold engine start;

All this indicates a violation of the correct and timely supply of fuel to the combustion chambers of one or more cylinders. The constant use of " SGA " for several gas stations in a row with a high degree of probability will get rid of these problems.

ATOMIUM APROHIM SGA fuel additive gently cleans the fuel equipment, lubricates it, protects it from corrosion and prevents the formation of deposits. This restores the performance of fuel pumps, injectors or nozzles, protects them from wear, and extends their service life. Complete recovery of the fuel injection equipment improves injection, leads to reduced fuel consumption, improved dynamics.

Contamination from low-quality fuel is the main reason for reducing the characteristics and failure of fuel equipment. SGA fuel additive gives gasoline fuel cleaning and lubricating properties, blocks corrosion of system elements in case of water or condensate ingress.

Cleaning the pumps, reducing the wear of the plungers normalizes the fuel pressure in the system. Cleaning of valves, channels and nozzles of injectors - extends their service life. All together, this ensures high-quality fuel atomization and more complete combustion, which leads to the following effects:

  • reduced fuel consumption by 5%-15% depending on the condition of the car.
  • extended the service life of fuel equipment.
  • reduced vibrations due to uniform combustion of fuel in cylinders.
  • reduced load on the turbine, catalysts, and fuel afterburners, which extends their service life.
  • reduced contaminants in the engine oil that retains its working properties and ultimately reduces engine wear.

SGA fuel additive is designed for continuous (regular) use, so it has abalanced "soft" formulation. It gradually removes dirt and deposits and prevents the formation of new ones. The additive does not contain "burning promoters" or other substances that change the engine operating modes.

The additive is sold in single-use bottles - in most cases, one bottle at each filling of a full tank.

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