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Fuel Additive for High Pressure Fuel Pumps Atomium HPFP

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  • Oil additive to restore outlet pressure level of high-pressure pump of a diesel fuel system. Restoration of pump plunger surface increases pressure rise rate, improves injection and therefore provides better engine power and efficiency. It also extends pump lifetime.

    Suitable for all types of pump construction and fuel systems including common rail.

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High-pressure fuel pump should be treated in 2 stages.

The 1st stage: 

  • Before applying shake the can with compound thoroughly until all the sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.

  • Pour half of Atomium HPFP from the can to the fuel tank. It is about 50 ml.

  • Fill the tank with about 50-55 litres of diesel fuel.

  • Drive in your normal regime till complete fuel depletion in the fuel tank (before the indicator shows the minimum fuel rest).

Then drive about 2000-3000 kilometers without adding Atomium HPFP.

The 2nd stage: 

  • Thoroughly shake the can with the rest of compound until all the sediments are completely dissolved.

  • Pour the rest of compound into the fuel tank.

  • Fill in about 50-55 liters of diesel fuel.

  • Drive in your normal regime till complete fuel depletion

Important notes:

  • After applying Atomium  HPFP drive the vehicle for no less than 20 minutes in any mode (regular operation).

  • It is recommended to carry out Atomium treatment of the fuel systems together with engine processing at the same time or sequentially.

  • It is not recommended to apply the lubricant at existence of mechanical breakages of diesel injectors (the belts of injectors cannot be restored).

  • Atomium  HPFP is compatible to any type of diesel fuel.

  • To provide optimal level of technical condition of the fuel system it is recommended to apply Atomium  HPFP every 30 000 - 40 000 km of run.

Precautions: Not harmful if applied correctly.

First aid:

  • In case of a contact with skin remove the material wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap

  • In case of contact with eyes wash out eyes with large amount of water

  • In case of swallowing consult a doctor

High pressure fuel pump is a core part of diesel fuel system. Pressure level influences on the quality of injection and therefore on the overall engine work. The usual symptoms of wrong pressure is hard start of engine, smoky exhaust, lumpy engine work especially at low RPM (revolutions per minute), and increased fuel consumption.

However most dangerous things are going unnoticed. Electronic system will try to compensate luck of pressure by increased injectors open time. Bad fuel combustion leads to sufficient amount of dirt. Its particles get into the oil and downgrade its quality. They also loads the turbine and catalyst reducing their service time. After all it leads to higher engine wear and its death.

Are you frightened enough? It is good. If you suspect HPFP of your car got some faults – do not try to compensate lack of power by active pressing of accelerator. Try to fix the problem until it gives a cumulative negative effect. To repair engine will cost you more.


There may be various reasons. To specify an exact one you should collect more information. Sometimes the cause may be in the electric system – loose, rusted or melted connectors and/or broken sensors. Another one – clogged and blocked filters which disturb normal fuel flow.

However most frequent – because it is inevitably happen with any car – is the quality of fuel. It may contain too much hard debris which may scratch the plunger surface, moisture which corrodes surfaces and lack of lubrication. All that leads to extended wear of precise shape and size of plunger.

Atomium compound is able to fix exactly this problem.


Most common and frequent symptoms are:

Bad acceleration. Usually you feel the car is accelerated slower. If the pump can’t provide needed pressure fast enough the engine my shut down completely at the sharp acceleration.

Rough and jerky idle. Worn pump doesn’t provide normal pressure which affects the idle speed.

Difficult engine start. Start is a complicated procedure for a diesel engine. It is cold, friction clearances are widened which leads to a lower compression. If the fuel pump doesn’t provide proper pressure there happen insufficient fuel supply – it doesn’t make the process easier.

Oil additive to restore outlet pressure level of diesel high-pressure fuel pumps.

The core part of high-pressure fuel pumps of diesel systems is a plunger and its sleeve. They have mirror-like surfaces to provide seamlessly fit each other. It is crucial to maintain needed pressure of the fuel, which is quite high in the diesel systems such as common rail.

Diesel fuel not always have enough lubricants and plunger surface wears little by little. Over time the pressure rise rate get decreased. Engine doesn’t receive enough fuel in proper time, electronic control system tries to compensate it. All this leads to higher fuel consumption and power and acceleration reduction.

Atomium HPFP compound contains micro particles of a special mineral. When they are in friction areas the plunger surface is able to attach iron released out from the mineral. It fixes little scratches on the surface, improves its fit with sleeve. Thus working characteristics of the pump are restored. It provides a row of effects noticeable for driver.

  • Better fuel injection leads to increased power and efficiency of the engine;

  • Diesel fuel burns better which reduces amount of fuel drops in the exhaust and increase lifetime of a turbine and diesel particulate filter;

  • Fuel pump sufficiently extends its time of service and doesn’t need to be replaced.

Atomium HPFP compound should be added to the fuel. It doesn’t change norany fuel properties neither combustion temperature.

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