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Set of 4 cleaning fuel additives for diesel Atomium Aprohim™ SDA

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  • Soft fuel additive ATOMIUM APROHIM SDA is designed to restore and maintain the performance of diesel fuel systems, including Common Rail and "pump-injector" systems. The additive cleans (washes), lubricates, and protects injectors andf uel pumps from corrosion, maintaining their serviceability. Brings the cetane number of the fuel to optimal values.

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1 50 ml bottle is designed for 40-60 litres of fuel (approximately 1 ml per 1 litre of fuel). Before refuelling the car, fill the additive in the fuel tank.

To do this:

  • shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly;
  • open the bottle and pour the additive into the fuel tank (use the fuel funnel if necessary);
  • fill up the tank with fuel.

When the car has run more than 50,000 kilometres during the first two refuelling it is recommended to fill 2 bottles of SDA 50 ml per 40-60 litres of fuel (or at the rate of 2 ml per 1 litre of fuel).

SDA diesel fuel additive ATOMIUM APROHIM SDA – multifunctional cleaning additive for diesel fuel) was developed in the company's own laboratory specifically for use in Russia, where the quality of diesel fuel on average differs markedly from that of Europe.

It performs several different functions. This is a lubricating additive, cleaning, and anti-corrosion, and thanks to the presence of the geomodifier "SUPROTEC" - also anti-wear. In addition, it contains a cetane number corrector, which primarily helps at engine start up. The additive works in all sections and units of the diesel fuel system, so the car owner does not need to choose a means for injectors and a means for cleaning the pump separately. By allowing the system to form the correct injection, the additive provides high-quality and more complete combustion of fuel, which reduces the load on the oil and other components and systems of the engine.

At the same time, one of the most important tasks in the development of the additive was safety. Constant use of the additive does not violate the operating modes of the engine or fuel equipment. It only increases the cleaning and lubricating properties of diesel fuel.

The diesel fuel additive SDA is all-season, so it does not contain depressant components that prevent the crystallization of fuel, but can be used in combination with any means of the "anti-gel" class without any adverse reactions with them.

Since you need to add an additive at every gas station, and this product is not present at all gas stations, it is recommended to buy several packages and keep them in the trunk. In this online store, you can buy a set of four boxes at a reduced price.

Soft fuel additive  ATOMIUM APROHIM SDA is designed to restore and maintain the performance of diesel fuel systems, including Common Rail and "pump-injector" systems. The additive cleans (washes), lubricates, and protects injectors and fuel pumps from corrosion, maintaining their serviceability. Brings the cetane number of the fuel to optimal values.  

Diesel fuel systems are particularly sensitive to the quality of fuel and the condition of fuel equipment. Contamination and wear due to the "dryness" of the fuel reduces the pressure in the fuel ramp, disrupts the injection, which leads to a drop in power and uneven engine operation.

The SDA fuel additive contains cleaning and lubricating components, a corrosion inhibitor, and a cetane-correcting additive. It cleans the fuel equipment, reduces its wear, and provides the necessary pressure. All together, this ensures high-quality fuel atomization and more complete combustion, which leads to the following effects:

  • reduced fuel consumption by 5%-15% depending on the condition of the car.
  • facilitated engine start up.
  • extended  the service life of fuel equipment, particularly injectors.
  • reduced load on the turbine, particulate filters, which extends their service time.
  • reduced contaminants in the engine oil that retains its working properties and ultimately reduces engine wear.

    SDA fuel additive is designed for continuous use, so it has a balanced "soft" formulation. It gradually removes dirt and deposits and prevents the formation of new ones. The additive does not contain "burning promoters" or other substances that change the engine operating modes. The additive is compatible with any additives of the "anti-gel" type that prevent the crystallization of diesel fuel in the cold.

    Fuel additive SDA is sold in single-use bottles - in most cases, one bottle at each filling of a full tank.

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