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Atomium Active Gasoline Plus x 2 + Atomium Aprohim™ Engine Flush 200

  • Atomium Active Gasoline Plus x 2 + Atomium Aprohim™ Engine Flush 200
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  • Oil additive to restore the performance of gasoline engines of passenger cars with mileage more than 50.000 kilometers. May be used also for CNG and LPG engines. By restoring worn friction surfaces the compound increases compression, power, acceleration, reduces fuel consumption and oil burning. It also lowers wear speed and extends the engine lifetime and protects the engine from breakdowns in emergency situations. 

    Suitable for all engine types and designs, including turbocharged ones. It doesn’t change oil properties and acts only on metallic surfaces.

    Long-term flushing ATOMIUM APROHIM ENGINE FLUSH 200 km -  is designed to clean the internal surfaces of the engine from long-standing deposits, removes blacksludge and other contaminants and deposits. Flushing belongs to the class of "soft" cleaners, which require a certain time of action. This is why flushing must be added to the oil system approximately 200 kilometres before the planned oil change. This mileage and, consequently, engine hours will be sufficient for effective, but at the same time gradual, safe cleaning. Engine flush - consistently dissolves contamination by the incoming flow of oil, does not allow the formation of lumps and clots suspended in the oil. 
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To restore worn details the active mineral should be present in the motor oil for some time. The huge practice of compound application shows that best results may be achieved with multistage treatment.

The 1st stage: Add Atomium Active Plus Gasoline to the engine oil 500-1000 km before oil replacement. Follow next steps:

  • Before applying Atomium Active Plus Gasoline shake the can thoroughly until natural sediments are totally dissolved. Sediments are actually active component.

  • Warm-up the engine to the normal working temperature, then shut off the engine.

  • Pour Atomium Active Plus Gasoline through the regular oil filling neck.

  • After applying Atomium Active Plus Gasoline make a drive on the car during no less than 20 min. in any mode (regular operation)

In case if there are more than 1000 kilometers till regular oil change it is reasonable to make regular oil checks every 500-700 kilometres. In case of a significant oil contamination (identify by the color of the oil on the dipstick or oil spots on filter paper) start the second stage of treatment immediately. 

The 2nd stage: Change oil. Replace oil and air filter. Add Atomium Active Plus to the new engine oil  according the procedure decribed above.

Use car in a regular mode till the next scheduled oil replacement. No additional oil checks required.

The 3rd stage (for heavily worn engines): Change oil. Replace oil and air filter. Add Atomium Active Plus to the new engine oil.

Treatment stages

Oil volume in the oil pan

From 2 to 5 ltrs

From 5 to 8 ltrs

1st stage

1 can

2 cans

About 1000 km of mileage till the oil replacement.

Change oil and oil filter

2nd stage

1 can

2 cans

Run the car in regular mode till the oil replacement.

Change oil and oil filter

3rd stage

1 can

2 cans


  • It is not recommended to apply the lubricant at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies.

  • Atomium Active Plus Gasoline is compatible to any type of engine oils and doesn't change their properties.

  • For providing continuous level of engine protection it is recommended to apply Atomium Regular 30 000 - 40 000 km after complete treatment with Atomium Active Plus Gasoline.

  • After 100 000 km complete  re- treatment is recommended.

  • To achieve the full level of protection the treatment of all vehicle parts is recommended, such as transmission gears, hydraulic power steering etc.

Precautions: Not harmful if applied correctly.

First aid:

  • In case of a contact with skin remove the material wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap.

  • In case of contact with eyes wash out eyes with large amount of water.

  • In case of swallowing consult a doctor.


  • Flushing agent according to the parameters of acute toxicity according to GOST 12.1007 belongs to the third hazard class (moderately dangerous substances). The product has a moderate irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes of the eyes. Volatile components cause moderate irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract.

  • Use only for the intended purpose.

  • Do not disassemble or give to children.

  • Avoid contact with the eyes and inside of the human body.

  • Work in a well-ventilated area. Use personal protective equipment for the skin.

  • If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing. Wash the exposed area of the body surface with a stream of water, and then with soap and water. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. In case of contact with the digestive system, consult a doctor.


  • Store in a place protected from moisture and direct sunlight at a temperature from -20 ᵒC to +50 ᵒC.

  • Compatible with all types of engine oils.

  • It is safe for engines of any design, including turbocharged ones.

  • Evaporates during operation. It does not affect the properties of the lubricating oil.

  • Safe for rubber seals, oil seals, oil caps;

  • It does not clog the channels of the oil system and is not deposited on the walls of the internal combustion engine elements.


  • Warm up the engine to operating temperature.

  • Stir the contents of the jar, shaking it for 1-2 minutes.

  • Pour 1 can of flushing into the oil filler neck. If the volume of the oil system is more than 6 litres, it is necessary to fill 2 cans of product.

  • Make the trip by car within 20-25 minutes.

  • Replace the oil and oil filter 200 kilometres after applying the product.



Long-term flushing of the engine

TU 2384-006-79761558-2014

Storage conditions from -20 ᵒC to +50 ᵒC

Shelf life 5 years

The date of manufacture is indicated on the label.

On the market, there are many lubricant additive types for gasoline engines. Some of them cheaper, others are more expensive. All of them promise better engine work and a longer lifetime. However, they are not the same. They differ from the point of view of technology or the principles of work. Below we will try to explain shortly what are specific characteristics of tribotechnical compound.


Tribotechnical compounds of Atomium brand are in fact the only oil additives providing not protection, but the restoration of friction surfaces. It is being done by a solid and long-living metallic layer. Many other lubricant additives propose only antifriction functionality. They do it indeed and able to protect a new engine and significantly diminish mechanical wear. However, they are weak if already a worn engine should be treated.


It is a frequent question. Of course, the Atomium compound doesn’t know what is exactly the problem of your engine. However in difference to other motor treatment products which are specific and have got narrow functionality (for example an engine additive to stop oil leaks)it works in all knots where there is friction, restores engine parts, makes friction seals optimal. It lets all the knots work better, but the driver notices only the most strong changes.

So if you need to reduce oil burning – it would be helpful to restore the internal surface of cylinders and improve oil scraping. The same helps to improve compression and make it equal in cylinders. Compression – means better fuel burning, so it brings up a reduction of fuel consumption and improvement of acceleration.

To remove knocking and ticking sounds, especially at the engine start –you need to optimize friction seals, which reduces backlashes between moving parts. The protective layer created by the Atomium compound is very effective here. The engine starts to work more quietly and softly.

Fixing the oil pump normalizes oil pressure. The same logic is working in other knots and mechanisms.


The short answer is no, it isn’t.

The long answer assumes that a car owner may want to improve certain properties of motor oil – detergent (or cleaning) ones or antifriction, may want to make oil denser or more fluid et cetera. There is a row of products with this functionality. We may mark them as oil modifiers.

However, it is important to understand, that a contemporary oil motor is a complex chemical product with a tiny balance of ingredients which behave differently in different periods of oil service time. Usage of oil additives may influence that balance and not always for the better.

Atmiumcompound is chemically inactive. It doesn’t change any oil properties nor intentionally neither accidentally. It is defined by the nature of the product and heavily tested in the laboratory with dozens of oil brands. No changes. It means – no undesirable side-effects and complete compatibility with any oil brand and type.


Thatis exactly what tribotechnical compound does. It answers the first half of the question. The second is about “my engine”. The concern is easy to understand – yes, in theory, the product may be good, but does it fit exactly my engine with its turbin, sophisticated fuel injection system, tiny piston rings, and other features?

WithAtomium compound the answer is – yes, it works in the engine of any type and model. It is easy to prove if to remember its working principle. It is active in areas of friction. Ask yourself – are there friction surfaces in your engine? If not – for example, in case you are using an electric car – the Atomium compound is useless. If yes – Atomium compound will help in a row of cases such as:

Engine noise. Right friction clearances (thanks to the protective layer) provide equal compression in cylinders which gives a good balance at each cycle. Engine work becomes “soft” and quiet. Proper clearances also reduce vibrations of parts and micro hits which allows to stop knocking or ticking sound.

Oil burning. Right clearances provide proper work of oil scraper rings. Oil is effectively removed from cylinders and doesn’t get in the combustion chamber. As result, it doesn’t burn out and you do not need to add oil during the interservice period.

Another point is oil leaks. If you see oil spots on the ground under your car – it means that there is a seal in the engine body or some oil seals and gaskets are disrupted. These parts have no relation to friction and therefore tribocompound can’t help.

Many car manufacturers recommend cleaning the engine before changing theoil. The fact is that in the process of working, the oil collects various pollutants - slags, carbon deposits, oxides. Some of them fall into deposits in the oil channel sand other parts of the system and can no longer be dissolved by conventional detergents in the oil, since they are almost used up.

When replacing the oil, however, the washing properties of the new oil are quite high and contamination partially re-enter it, drastically reducing the service life and reducing its working properties. Especially highly necessary to wash the system when switching from mineral oil varieties to synthetic ones, whose washing properties are much higher.

Pre-washing the motor becomes, therefore, an important factor in maintaining its operability. Atomium engine flushing product is universal, suitable for petrol and diesel engines. It is "soft", the washing period is 200 kilometres before the planned oil change, without destroying rubber products, without affecting the fuel combustion modes, it is safe for injectors and other components.

However, it is not recommended to exceed the 200-kilometer run very much, since the washed dirt is collected in the oil, which reduces its characteristics.

Proper maintenance of the engine is a good way to avoid unexpected problems. If you still have any questions about the use of flushing, please contact the consultants of the online store or look at the reviews ofother customers.

Oil additive for restoring all types of gasoline, CNG and LPG engines with mileage more than 50 000 km. 

Tribotechnical compound Atomium Active Plus Gasoline contains active natural mineral with unique ability to change processes occurring in micro-areas of local contacts of two wearing surfaces. It activates electronic connections in the metal. Then surfaces may capture metallic parts and thus gradually build up a protective metallic layer. It restores geometry of the surface and able to hold denser oil film.

Important note: the compound doesn’t affect the properties of motor oil intentionally or accidentally. It is completely chemically inactive and doesn't have any side effects.

Tribotechnical compound Atomium Active Plus Gasoline specially designed to be most effective for temperatures and speed of aged gasoline engines with a mileage of more than 50,000 kilometres with an oil system volume of up to 5 litres.

The protective layer on the friction pairs is more hard and elastic than original surface. These properties plus denser oil film provides optimal friction seals. It provides a number of positive changes in the engine as described below and returns its nominal working conditions and performance.


  •     Cleans friction surfaces from lacquers and deposits on the 1st stage of treatment, including de-coking of the piston rings.
  •     Increases and stabilizes compression in the cylinders due to sealing gaps between cylinders and piston rings.
  •     Restores oil pressure in the engine oil system up to rated one.
  •     Decreases oil burning.
  •     Increases of the engine life in 1.5 - 2 times due to wear intensity decreasing.
  •     Increases engine effective power as a result of effective fuel combustion, decreasing of amount of gases entering the crankcase.
  •     Provides maximum engine protection in extreme working conditions, also in case of overloading or overheating and during «cold start-up».
  •     Makes start at low temperatures much easier.
  •     Decreases fuel consumption of internal combustion engine to 8 - 10 % as a result of compression recovering.
  •     Significantly  decreases noise and vibration levels (by 5 - 10 dB of the engine (due to forming of thick and resistant lubrication “pillow” and clearances optimization)
  •     Decreases exhaust CO/CH emissions up to 50 %.
  •     Provides possibility of short-time run under oil starvation conditions or when oil is completely lost.
  •     Restores the work of valve lifters or hydaulic tappets.

Due to the fact, that tribotechnical compounds Atomium does not contain any aggressive chemical components – it makes our products safe. It does not affect any properties of engine oil, does not artificially change engine operating modes, does not affect the condition of rubber parts-seals, seals, and so on.

Long-term flushing ATOMIUM APROHIM  ENGINE FLUSH 200 km is designed to clean the internal surfaces of the engine from long-standing deposits, removes black sludge and other contaminants and deposits. Flushing belongs to the class of "soft" cleaners, which require a certain time of action. This is why flushing must be added to the oil system approximately 200 kilometres before the planned oil change. This mileage and, consequently, engine hours will be sufficient for effective, but at the same time gradual, safe cleaning. Engine flush - consistently dissolves contamination by the incoming flow of oil, does not allow the formation of lumps and clots suspended in the oil.


Washing composition ATOMIUM APROHIM ENGINE FLUSH 200 km - gently dissolves deposits and dirt in various components and mechanisms of the engine, formed during overheating and poor combustion of fuel, does not allow them to settle again in the oil channels, allows you to remove dirt when draining the oil. This allows you to:

  • Facilitate engine operation,
  • Effectively clean the oil system when switching from one type of oil to another,
  • Extend the life of the new oil, which means better protection of the engine from wear,
  • Restore the mobility and fit of compression and oil removal rings, which means to increase and equalize the compression in the cylinders, ensure uniform operation, high-quality fuel combustion,
  • Restore the mobility of the hydraulic compensator plungers, which eliminates the characteristic knocking when starting the engine,
  • Restore operation of the PCV valve.

    Recommended for continuous use before each oil change.

    Long-term flushing ATOMIUM APROHIM™ ENGINE FLUSH 200 km - does not affect rubber and composite parts, such as seals and gaskets.

    Investigated and tested for functional compliance with the technical parameters of Russian cars and oils.

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