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Additive to engine oil of motorbikes and small technics Atomium Mototec 4

  • Additive to engine oil of motorbikes and small technics Atomium Mototec 4
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  • Oil additive for restoring characteristics of four-stroke engines of motorcycles, scooters, lawn mowers, electric generators etc. By restoring worn friction surfaces the compound increases compression, power, acceleration, reduces fuel consumption and oil burning. It also lowers wear speed and extends the engine lifetime and protects engine from breakdowns in emergency situations.

    Suitable for all engine types and designs. It doesn’t change oil properties and acts only on metallic surfaces.
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To restore worn details the active mineral should be present in the motor oil for some time. The huge practice of compound application shows that best results may be achieved with multistage treatment.

The 1st stage: add Atomium Mototec 4 to the engine oil 300-400 km (4-5 moto hours) before oil replacement. Follow next steps:

  • Before applying Atomium Mototec 4 shake the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved. Sediments are actually active component.

  • Warm-up the engine to the normal working temperature, then shut off the engine,

  • Pour Atomium Mototec 4 through the regular oil filling neck. Use half of the can for engines with displacement less than 500 cubic cm. Use one full can for engines with bigger displacement.

  • After applying Atomium Mototec 4 make a drive on the motorcycle during 10-15 min.

The 2nd stage: Change oil. Replace oil and air filter. Add Atomium Mototec 4 to the new engine oil (see the graph) according the procedure described above.

Use motorcycle or another device in a regular mode till the next scheduled oil replacement.

All stages are shown on the table below:

Treatment stages

Engine displacement

Less than 500 cm3

More than 500 cm3

1st stage

1/2 can

1 can

300-400 km of mileage (4-5 motor hours)
till the oil replacement.

Change oil and oil filter

2nd stage

1/2 can

1 can


  • It is not recommended to apply the lubricant at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies

  • Atomium Mototec 4 is compatible to any type of engine oils and doesn't change their properties

Precautions: Not harmful if applied correctly.

First aid:

  • In case of a contact with skin remove the material wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap

  • In case of contact with eyes wash out eyes with large amount of water

  • In case of swallowing consult a doctor


Very often owners of motorcycles are interested how to clean up fuel system, especially about carburetor cleaning or injectors. Obviously fuel system is deadly important for a normal engine work. However what are real troubles of bikers behind these search queries? Sometimes people are looking for some way to improve engine performance – power and dynamics. Others want to make the engine performance softer. At the end a frequent desire is to prolong engine life-time.

Atomium compound Mototec 4 isn’t a fuel system cleaner or a fuel additive at all. However it may really help with engine performance and its service time. Below there are some most frequent questions about tribotechnical compounds.


First of all let’s differ liquids which should be added to the fuel and ones to be added to the motor oil. We will talk about oil additives for motorcycles. There are various products which are based on various technologies and have various purposes. The main purpose of Atomium Mototec 4 Tribotechnical to restore worn parts and let them do their job as it supposed to be in a new engine. All the effects comes from restoration – raising of compression provides better fuel combustion and therefore more power, better lubrication prologs lifetime of crank mechanisms, renovated oil pump gives proper outlet oil pressure and so on.

So to answer the question above - define an exact result you want to get using an additive and thoroughly know the technology and operating principle of a product.


There are numerous advises how to preserve a motorcycle during winter season. Here we will mark just one – internal corrosion. It is probably one of biggest dangers for engines during long off mode. Water is getting inside together with air and getting condensed sue the changing of temperature outside. Rusted surfaces of parts become brittle and easily wear out when starting the engine.

Atomium Mototec 4 compound creates special protective layer over friction surfaces. This layer is microporous. Oil penetrates into each of them and forms a continuous film due to surface tension forces. This film does not run off even after long periods of engine inactivity and prevent contacts of the metal with water. Guess – what’s going in with corrosion?

Oil additive for restoring all types of four-stokes engines of variousmotor technics.

Tribotechnicalcompound Atomium Mototec 4 contains special composition of activenatural mineral. The composition is especially elaborated for highspeed engines. In local microareas with high temperature and pressurethese minerals allow friction surfaces to capture metallic parts fromthe motor oil. Gradually the process creates a protective metalliclayer, which restores geometry of the surface and is able to holddenser oil film.

Importantnote: the compound doesn’t affect the properties of motor oilintentionally or accidentally. It is completely chemically inactiveand doesn't have any side effects.

Importantnote: the compound is active only in friction areas of steelsurfaces. Thus it is completely inactive and harmless in wet clutchesof motorcycles. In fact in the clutch there is no friction (asprocess) and parts of clutch are made of kevlar, carbon, sinteredbrass and other non-metallic materials.

Theprotective layer and the dense oil film improves the work ofdifferent mechanisms and systems of the engine – in cylinder-pistonknots, in the crank mechanism and others. It provides a number ofpositive changes in the engine performance.


  • Cleans friction surfaces from lacquers and deposits on the 1st stage of treatment, including de-coking of the piston rings in their mobility;

  • Increases and stabilizes compression in the ICE cylinders (due to the formation of a new layer and sealing gaps in friction units);

  • Restores oil pressure in the engine oil system up to rated;

  • Decreases oil waste;

  • Increases of the engine life in 1.5 - 2 times (due to wear intensity decreasing);

  • Increases engine effective power (as a result of fuel combustion quality improvement, decreasing combustion gas leakages to carter, and drop of friction losses);

  • Reduces oil waste consumption in the engine up to 3 times (due to the increase in gas-tight piston grooves);

  • Provides maximum engine protection in extreme working conditions, also in case of overloading or overheating and during «cold start-up»;

  • Makes start at low temperatures much easier;

  • Does not degrade operational characteristics of rubber parts;

  • Decreases fuel consumption of internal combustion engine to 8 - 10 % (as a result of compression recovering and combustion quality improvement);

  • Significantly  decreases noise and vibration levels (by 5 - 10 dB of the engine (due to forming of thick and resistant lubrication “pillow” and clearances optimization);

  • Decreases exhaust CO/CH emissions up to 50 % (as a result of improvement of combustion quality);

  • Provides possibility of short-time run under oil starvation conditions or when oil (oil pressure) is completely lost;

Dueto the fact, that tribotechnical compounds Atomium does not containany aggressive chemical components – it makes our products safe. Itdoes not affect any properties of engine oil, does not artificiallychange engine operating modes, does not affect the condition ofrubber parts-seals, seals, and so on.

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